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You hold a hot of the "Who is Who in the Meat Market in Russia" edition, edition made by professionals for professionals in hand. Issue of such magazine is an example of information cooperation of mass media, representatives of regional governing bodies, business, scientific and expert community and confirms high mutual interest in collaboration in formation in Russia of the effective meat market.

This edition by right can be proud of the objective supply of material, comprehensive illumination of the most difficult questions weighed by an assessment of the occurring events, high level of pithiness of publications and is aimed at distribution of business experience, increase of knowledge of introduction of the innovative mechanisms and decisions stimulating development of branch.

In turn I can recommend the "Who is Who in the Meat Market in Russia" magazine as the effective and objective tool of the analysis of a situation in the market of meat and fish production helping to have the finger on the pulse of the events occurring in this branch in Russia and abroad.

Prodkontrakt group of companies being the long-term participant of the PRODEKSPO and WorldFood exhibitions, thanks edition for the provided analytics and wishes all good luck in affairs, confidence in the forces, wellbeing, a good health and success in all undertakings.

Managing partner of Prodkontrakt Group Bitko T. N.